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Future Leaders Program

The Future Leaders Program is a three month experienced based program in which teams work on real business case issues with the guidance of a coach. Here is how it works:



Workshops: learn skills and strategies to apply during the program

Team Projects: teams work on a real business case issue over three months


Coaching: a business coach works with the team to provide advice, challenge thinking, support reflection and learning


Presentations: Teams present and defend their work to senior managers.



This program is suitable for mid-level managers, who are being considered for future development in the company.

Key outcomes experienced by businesses with staff in this program include:

  • Better ideas and more participation in planning;
  • More planning ahead for risks and challenges;
  • Maturity, self awareness, responsibility, autonomy among managers;
  • Increased management engagement and retention.

To take the next step in your management career, or to build a succession of strong leaders in your organization, contact us for more information on this program.

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