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Training and Development in Cambodia

We make training fun and participatory while maintaining a firm focus on achieving the results which matter to your organization. We view learning and development as the outcome of interaction between your team and our facilitators. It is a creative and collaborative process in which we are partners in your success.

We can work with staff at a variety of levels, from front line sales personnel to  key management roles. Trainings and development programs can be linked to your talent management and succession planning objectives, and your orgnization goals.

Our Approach

We work closely with your organization to implement training as a process, not an event. We focus on a model that incorporates three distinct elements:


We spend time getting to know your organization, your people,  what is important to you, and how we can best help you to achieve your goals.

Our specialists will conduct a pre-training needs assessment. This structured approach means you will avoid wasting resources on delivering programs that don't truly fit your needs.

Our professional development solutions are tailored to suit your organization and your budget. All of our training is objective based. Specific learning outcomes are identified and achieved. Examples, demonstrations, role plays, case studies, and a range of creative learning activities relevant to your industry and employees are included.

Delivery of Training

AAA's participatory training methods ensure that all trainees play an active role, learning to work collaboratively and find solutions to workplace challenges. At least 60% of the program involves participants directly performing activities and a high degree of participant involvement is required. All staff attending are expected to be active in the training.

Where we identify a gap in knowledge or skills, we will provide instructional training, drawing on proven techniques from your industry and your own organization. We also create experiences of practical applications which your team can use in the workplace.

Where changes in behaviors and attitudes and required, we focus on helping your people to leverage existing knowledge, strengths, and capabilities to raise performance and respond to challenges.

Our instructional model includes the development of specific post-training action points and personal development plans to create a personal commitment to action and development in each of your team members.

Post Training

In addition to providing training evaluations and reporting after the training, we will continue to work with you and your staff on strategies to support the transfer of new skills and behaviors into the workplace, and to assess how each trainee has acted upon their action plan. We will help your team to  apply their learning and skills from the training sessions in their work through:

  • refresher training sessions;
  • group work and projects
  • workplace learning activities;
  • group and individual coaching;
  • creative problem solving activities;
  • meeting and focus group facilitation, and more.

We are locally based and available to continue supporting your team as they work toward personal and organization performance goals.

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