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Management Coaching with AAA Cambodia

Focus your energy, make progress on your goals, and reconnect to your values with the support of our certified coach. We work with business professionals and teams to bring actions and outcomes together.

What is coaching?

The simplest description is that coaching is a dialogue in which coach and client talk together in a way that promotes the client’s learning. The coach uses questions to help the client identify what s/he wants to achieve, and how to get there.

At first, the coach acts as a mirror to the client to help the client reflect on her/his current situation. The coach then explores with the client what s/he might want to change in this situation. These changes can be big or small. Sometimes small changes are the inspiration for bigger things.

At AAA, we believe that coaching is most effective when it is a transformative process. By this, we mean that a coach can help you to not only reflect on your current situation but also to see more clearly where you want to go, and what is most important for you to feel fulfilled in your life—professionally and personally.  We call this ‘raising awareness’. The coach helps you to raise awareness about where you are now, and where you want to be.

From there, the coach will work with you to explore options and opportunities for how you can achieve what you want. You then put into action what you have agreed to do. Your coach helps to hold you accountable for this. Throughout your engagement with the coach, you will continually engage in this reflection and action cycle.

One of the reasons why coaching is so successful in helping people is that it is focused on helping the client find clarity on what matters most to her/him, that is, what s/he wants to work towards. The coach doesn’t tell the client where to go or what to do. We believe that clients are resourceful and capable of finding the best way forward when given the space and support to do so. The coach uses active listening, powerful questions, and constructive feedback to help the client do this. Coaches facilitate a process that helps clients make breakthroughs personally and professionally.


Coaching is not about correcting behaviour or fixing ‘problem people’. Many successful people use coaching because they want to know how to do even better. Coaching also helps you to keep focused on your values and make value based decisions, even in times of change of confusion.


When should I work with a coach?

When you think it would help you to get results—and to exceed your own expectations of what you can do. That is one of the things I love most about coaching, when clients surprise themselves in what they are capable of achieving.

As a business coach I help people to reflect openly and honestly about themselves, to identify their best leadership practices and behaviours, to see where they are getting stuck, and most importantly to move forward to the place where they want to be. If you think that you would like help in working out how to get the best results you can from where you invest your time and energy, then coaching might be for you.

Coaching is particularly helpful in the following situations:

  • Supporting people in times of change. E.g. taking on a new role, periods of growth or change in the company, finding new direction
  • When you want to build your skills for to resolving problems and making decisions
  • When you want to improve your relationships with others
  • Gaining clarity on what matters most to you, and to make this part of your daily life
  • Focusing. Especially for executives and professionals with many priorities and demands on their time
  • Setting direction and working towards challenging goals


If you think that professional coaching would help you move forward in your goals, send us a message: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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